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    Brother Co.,Ltd. succeeded in development of a black electroless nickel plating process, FINE BLACK ®, which is specially formulated to meet the ELV, WEE, and RoHS directives. This new technology enables uniform plating. and is applicable to complex form articles. FINE BLACK ® has a light reflectance of < 6%, hardness of 400Hv (60HRc) and thermal resistance up to 200 Ž.  
Alminum parts : NORMAL   Iron and steel parts Left :BLASTED
Deposit composition Corrosion Resintance
95-96 wt%
3-4 wt%
0.01-1 wt%

  Rating number 10 by salt spray test
(JIS Z2371, ISO9227)
Reflectance   Hardness
4-6%   400 Hv
(Vickers hardness)
Heat Resistance    

No discoloration at 200Ž
(test condition : 200Ž 24h)

  First export to Chinese excellent client <May. 2012>  
    We made contract with an excellent and important metallurgical company in China for super-large elctroless nickel plating<MEGANICKEL> on big sized piston with 8.135tons per piece and delivered all 4 pistons after heat treatment early May. For us this is the first export and expecting this contract will be triggered for expansion of the export.  
  Yokohama factory moved to Headquarters <Apr. 2011>  

We introduced new mechanical equipments with move to headquarters in Yokohama factory, which is an exclusive factory in hard chrome plating on aluminum engine parts. From April 25 we could start full operation in both quantity and quality wise.

  Big earthquake and Tsunami <Mar. 2011>  

Tohoku-district was seized with a historically biggest earthquake of magnitude 9.0 which makes offshore of Miyagi-ken seismic center on March 11th, and we were suffered enormous damage at the Pacific Ocean side in 3 prefecture northeast by a big tidal wave(TSUNAMI).
In our factory, plating liquid overflowed from plating tank, but usual operation could be begun over the day.

  We started to make plated sample on MERAMIX. <Dec. 2010>  

SMAN J Corporation kindly supplied us with their silicon alloy Meramix which is said as new materials of next generation, last year end and our technical division are now testing to plate on Meramix.


Meramix is quite new commodity produced by an original and unique production method of ISMAN J Corporation and they developed this new material using generally known as ƒÀsialon ceramics and succeeded stable production with cheap cost.
Their original sintering composite production method, created remarkable characteristics. (flexible and high elasticity ceramics Z-zone 2.)
Meramix standard commodity S1-NF(Z-zone1) will be produced by powder mass production, and by molding and sintering, it shows 40% light in weight and 2 times strength than steel material and stain free.
  Swiss Investment Mission visited our Factory <Nov. 2010>  

Swiss Business Hub in Japan of Swiss Embassy with 8 professionals from Switzerland held the 2nd Seminar on November 1@to attract investment into Swiss by Japanese companies and some hundred Japanese companies attended on the Seminar.
As a part of activity of the Seminar, one of the 8 professional‚“ visited our company on November 3rd and he paid much interest in our Electroless Nickel Plating on largesized materials and we explained new technology to plate on ceramics,carbon and glass materials.

  We took the donation of the work of Mr. Toshitaka Nishizawa, a rising and spirited sculpture artist mainly playing in Japan. <Oct. 2010>  

Mr. Nishzawa, sculptor who utilizes our electroless nickel plating and creates various works. Recently we took the donation of his masterpiece titled [Loop006]. The anthology of his works are also printed in our companyfs web site.
We exhibit that work at our entrance hall from October 25 and we are pleased if such people who are interested in sculpture works will come to look by all means.
We think that the feeling of people come to soften with the wonderful modern sculptuer that a lacquer wear balanced with plated silver.

Also please kindly refer to Mr.Nishizawafs web site
  In collaboration with Economic Department of Kawasaki <Jun. 2010>  
    Municipality Office on June 25 we received at our factory Hong Kong Green Production Mission which consists of 22 members of Electro-Plating owners together with 2 staffs of Hong Kong Trade Development Council and we lively exchanged opinions of technical issues as well as centralized liquid wastes system.  

  Visiting to Chinese Factories in Shanghai <Apr. 2010>  
    Our Mr.Ishida, President with Head of Technical Dept. visited such big industries invested by Japanese and Euro-American companies located in Shanghai and neighboring cities for overseas market reclamation during March 14 to 18 and we could get fruitful exchange of technical negotiations.  
  Surface Finishing Exhibition <Feb. 2010>  
    From Feburuary 17th to 19th, we took part in the Surface Finishing Exhibition held at Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Hall).
28 surface engineering companies exhibited and during the cession total 42,381 visitors came and more than 300 clients visited our booth and had exchange of technical information with much enthusiasm.
  We took part in "TECHNO-TRANSFER Exhibition in Kawasaki 2009".<Jul. 2009>  

Kawasaki chamber of commerce and industry and Kawasaki municipality office plan the promotion of expansion of the transaction, public relation / the market of the company product through the exhibitions of a new technology / the new product for many divergences such as leading-edge industrial product or software and are aimed for upbringing / promotion of the Kawasaki area industry and hold " Advanced technology trade fair Techno Transfer in Kawasaki" every year. It became the 22nd, and about 50 companies participated. We also took part in this exhibition and publicized supersized electroless nickel plating system from July 8 to 10.

    TECHNO-TRANSFER Exhibition in Kawasaki 2009 images
  Our MEGANICKEL® (super-sized electroless nickel plating) was authorized as its processing technology and system. <Feb. 2009>
    There are many medium and small-sized industrial companies which had superior production technology and gathers in Kawasaki that is a town of the manufacturing (monozukuri) for a long time and continues bring out superior and unique product.The authorization of gKawasaki Manufacturing Brandh was given for a product only till now but our process technology gMEGANICKEL® h supersized nickel plating was authorized as the technology and system for the first time, and it was conferred a certificate and shield from Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  
    Image image2  
  Matching up Forum <Dec. 2008>  
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry held a Matching up Forum to introduce 30 medium and small-sized industries which had the product made full use of advanced technology, and was produced in Kawasaki city and the unique technology by joint sponsorship of Kawasaki municipality office to a big business industries and we received nomination by the sponsors and participated.  
    Matching up Forum