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Compliance with the law is very basic component of Brother's Code of Business Conduct. Further, our Corporate Policy embodies Brother's broader ethical business conduct. It is the responsibility of every employee to apply high standard of ethics in his and her business practices.
Corporate Governance
We firmly believe that transparency and soundness of business administration is critically important to gain a good reputation as a dependable and trustworthy company, while establishing solid internal controls and operations.
Responsibilities to Customers
The social expectation toward the surface treatment industry is to contribute to the improvement the quality of peoplefs life as well as to economic development by best plating on the materials.
In addition to the companies from whom we receive orders directly, we consider users of our accomplished goods, surrounding communities and society as valuable customers.
It is our responsibility to satisfy customers completely by meeting their needs and expectations through utilization of our full competence based on technology and experience cultivated over 50 years.
Health and Safety
We advocate grespecting humanityh in our corporate philosophy, and give our first priority to the factories and office. Also as a safety and health ideology, we aim to ensure the safety and health of all staffs at our factories and office and create comfortable working environment for them.
Together with Our employees
Business activities are supported by the power of every employee.
In complying with the company philosophy of grespecting personal quality and developing individualityh and the objectives of creating an energetic company, making a comfortable workplace and having employees who practice a code of conduct, we want Brother to be a company that all employees feel proud to work for and company in which each express his or her personality and ability robustly.
    Responsibility for the Environment    
We rank environmental efforts as our most important management issue to fulfill our social responsibility. We aggressively promote them throughout the company.
To this end, by carrying forward with genvironmental risk management and compliance with lawh genvironmental conservationh and gcommitment to environment businessh, we aim to raise the level of societyfs confidence on us and increase our opportunities to engage in environmental activities.