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Brother Co., Ltd is receiving high acclaim from the customer in the field of electroless nickel plating (precise thickness), super large parts plating, and in industrial hard chrome plating area, in which we are good at.
Our company set an environmental policy based on the corporate principles, and we know the influences by manufacturing in the main factory, the product, and the service we provide. Therefore, we promote the prevention of environmental pollution for keeping the maintenance of global environment.


  1. We obey the legal regulation regarding the environment, and any other requirements the company agrees to.

  2. We are serving in continuous improvement, making a system of environmental preservation, and endeavor for the prevention of global pollution.

  3. We are setting and reviewing environmental purposes and targets based on the year plan, which will be executed periodically, or according to the changes around.

  4. We are documenting the environmental policy, and will execute & maintain so that it is clear to all employees.

  5. This environmental policy is also released on the homepage of our company.


Corporate Principles

  1. We will keep developing our company business, and serve for public profit.

  2. We will create valuables, through technological innovation.

  3. We will respect human life, and show understanding to each other.