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Koji Ishida, President

Dear valued customers,

The age of High Technology brought about a big wave of Technology Evolution to every corner of Industries. Including our Plating Industry, the Raw Material and the Basic Processing Industry is no exception. It is our mission to always try hard and develop new technologies to cope with the growing demands of the new era.

We are thankful to all our valued customers, supply sources and all the parties concerned for the supports and co-operations without which we would have never been able to develop the latest technologies in the areas of the Consumer and Industrial Plating that are highly valued by the customers today.

We are determined to try even harder to pursue and develop new technologies and better satisfy needs of the valued customers by gathering all the resources we accumulated.

Again, we would like to thank you for the support in the past and now It is our utmost hope that you would continue to even more closely work with us and extend to us the same support and co-operation in the future.


Koji Ishida, President



Corporate Principles

  1. We will keep developing our company business, and serve for public profit.
  2. We will create valuables, through technological innovation.
  3. We will respect human life, and show understanding to each other.