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  Company Outline  
■Primary Plating Line
Name Plating Tank Dimension of Tank Effective Dimension Treatment Materials
1st Line 1 4,000×1,200×1,050 3,800×300×500 Electroless Nickel Plating
plated thickness 100μm
large size ceramics
2nd Line 1 4,000×1,200×1,200 3,800×400×900 Electroless Nickel Plating
plated thickness 100μm
large size steel
3rd LIne 3 1,200×1,000×1,500 950×600×1,050 Electroless Nickel Plating
plated thickness 80〜200μm
steel & stainless
4th Line 2 1,100×1,000×1,000 900×500×800 Electroless Nickel Plating steel,copper,stainless,
Aluminum Line 1 1,200×1,100×1,300 900×450×1,100 Electroless Nickel Plating aluminum
Test tank 1 600×600×750 500×500×500 for test only

special materials

Test tank 1 600×600×750 500×500×800 for test only special materials
Large Sized aluminum Line 2 2,000×1,200×3,000 1,900×900×2,400 Electroless Nickel Plating
plated thickness 100μm
Super Sized Line 1 4,500×2,500×3,000 3,500×1,800×2,300
Electroless Nickel Plating
plated thickness 100μm
steel & stainless
Large Sized Line 2 2,000×1,600×3,000 1,800×950×2,300 Electroless Nickel Plating
plated thickness 100μm
steel & stainless
Detachment Line 2 1,000×900×1,300 800×600×1,050 detachment of steel by electroless nickel plating steel
Black Nickel Plating 1 1,100×700×1,000 900×500×800 black electro nickel plating steel,copper,stainless, aluminum
    ■Main Facilities  
Facility name Q'ty Model Name of Maker Effective size/
Loading Capacity
Forklift(big) 1 FD50AT-8 Komatsu 7,000kg
Forklift(middle) 1 FD35T-8 Komatsu 5,000kg


2 PJO2 Nissan 2,500kg
Hoist Crane(big) 2 NHED10-M Nippon Hoist 10,000kg
Hoist Crane(middle) 4 Super V2800 Hitachi 2,800kg
Hoist Crane(middle) 2 Super V2000 Hitachi 2,000kg
Hoist Crane(small) 4 IV-500 KITO 500kg
Electric Furnace
1 M-4500-BS Fuji Kagaku Kikai 1,450x4,400x2,400mm
Max .Temperature 500℃
Electric Furnace
1 M-2500-B-586 Fuji Kagaku Kikai 1,450x1200x2,400mm
Max .Temperature 500℃
Electric Furnace
2 BK-18 Minamoto Denki 700x1,050x400mm
Max .Temperature 300℃
Electric Furnace
1 BK-12 Minamoto Denki 700x700x700mm
Max .temperature 300℃

Electric Furnace
(high temperature)

1 FV-770 Advantec 600x600x600mm
Max .temperature 650℃
    ■Analysis & Analytical Instrument  
Name of Instrument Q'ty Model Name of Maker Characteristics
Digital Microscope 1 VHX-600 Keyence Magnification 100〜1000
Metallurgical Microscope 1 BX60M Olympus Observation of surface
Digital Microscope 1 DG-2A Scalar Observation of surface
Scanning Electron
1 JSM-6390 Nihon Densi Observation of surface
Atomic Absorption
1 Analyst 100 PerkinElmer Measurement of a very small metal density
Absorption Spectrophotometer 1 UV-1600PC Shimazdu Analyzing of plating chemicals
Electromagnetic Thickness Meter 1 MP30 Fischer Instrument Nondestructive plated thickness meter
Beta Line Plated Thickness Meter 1 MMS/3AM Fischer Instrument Nondestructive ceramic plated thickness meter
Coarseness Measurement 1 SJ-301 Mitsutoyo Measurement of coarseness of plated surface
Hardness Meter 1 HM-115 Vickers Measurement of hardness after plating
Strength of Coherence meter 1 SV-55C Imada Works Coherence Strength measurement